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You have a powerful message.

You’ve spent years developing expertise in a particular area, and now you’re ready to share it with the world. You’ve gained perspective on a topic that you know is of interest to thousands of people, and you’re eager to serve them with your hard-won knowledge.

You’ve pushed past your fear of being visible. You’re mentally prepared to get known for the content you post and the ideas you discuss.

Now you need a professional way to convey your message online.

Platform WordPress Theme

Maybe you sat down to build your blog and realized that the technical pieces you need to master are much more challenging than you bargained for.

Perhaps you checked out a WordPress theme, but got confused about the difference between domains and hosting (and how frequently you need to renew each).

You might even have gotten so far as installing a “theme” but then got overwhelmed with widgets, plug-ins, and security back-ups.

On top of all that, every single piece of tech seems to carry an additional price tag. You’re piecemealing it all to the best of your ability, but the costs add up quickly and you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed.

You have a message to tell the world,

but you don’t have time for the trial and error that accompanies every new piece of software.

  • You like the idea of having a polished platform, but when you sit down to build out your website, all you do is watch endless tutorials that don’t lead to true design progress.

  • You’re willing to outsource, but you haven’t been able to find a reliable web developer or designer who can implement your vision at a reasonable price.

  • You’re devoting as much time as you can to growing your platform, but you’ve also got a day job, and family responsibilities. It’s starting to feel ridiculous that when you do have a few hours free, you’re stuck guessing at how to install a widget or a plug-in.

  • You want to feel secure that your content is protected. You’ve heard horror stories about hackers taking over sites, and it seems like you’re constantly having to update security features. You don’t know what’s necessary and what’s overkill, but you do know that the safety of your site is critically important.

Imagine if you had a one-stop shop to:

Build a Professional Platform

and share your expertise with the world

Host Your Domain

so you can relax and know that your content will always be available to the people who need to read it

Create Highly-Converting Landing Pages

to consistently grow your audience and email list

Run Your Launches

with seamless, engaging video campaigns

Promote Your New Book

with a proven online strategy

Attract Affiliate Income

and grow your revenue by selling other people’s products and services with ease

🤔 What if you could find a professional solution that was polished, simple, and affordable?

Introducing your one-stop solution to build and grow your professional platform:

Created in partnership between Notable Themes and Platform University

We’ve brought our two teams together to produce a signature series WordPress theme specifically for platform builders.

We’ve bundled this theme with a suite of services including plug-ins, widgets, and round-the-clock support so you have everything you need to launch your online presence in one affordable package.

Your Platform-in-a-Box is powered by WordPress, yet built specifically for your needs.

Built For Platform-Builders, By Platform-Builders

Part of the problem with other website solutions out there today, is that they’re created by designers or developers who have very little experience in the realm of independent, web-based platforms.

You need professionally-developed tools with advanced features baked in―but you need to make sure they’re the right features that have been tested by other platform-builders who’ve used similar features to build an email list, sell digital products, and otherwise succeed online.

Fortunately, platform-building expert John Meese and experienced WordPress and brand designer Thomas McGee have joined forces to craft a WordPress-based website solution that tackles all the common platform-centric website problems in one beautiful, innovative, and simple solution.

John Meese
Dean of Platform University

Thomas McGee
Founder of Rightly & Co.

What’s Included?

Platform-in-a-Box is an all-inclusive, self-hosted WordPress-based website solution. Here’s what’s included in your annual subscription:

  • Your Exclusive Platform Theme: Establish a branded “home base” for your blog and online offerings with this custom theme. {Normally $397}
  • Twelve Months of Managed WordPress Hosting:⋆ It’s not enough to build a professional platform. You’ll also need a reliable hosting service to keep your content safe and make sure your readers have uninterrupted access to your ideas. A full year of managed hosting is included with your Platform-in-a-Box subscription.⋆⋆ {Normally $350}
  • Initial Multisite Installation & Setup: As you grow your presence online and build out your offerings, you’ll likely need more than one beautiful site. Your Platform-in-a-Box gives you the flexibility of placing your curated content across multiple professional websites, each with their own unique domain and function―but the same, cohesive backend for the extent of your brand, as your business grows. {Normally $397}
  • Landing Theme: In the past, our students have been surprised by unexpected costs like additional fees to cover landing page software. When you invest in your Platform-in-a-Box, you’re covered! You won’t need any additional tools to create beautiful opt-in pages to grow your list or sales pages to convert your readers into customers (this page you’re reading right now was built using the drag-and-drop Landing Theme by someone who had never used it before). {Normally $297}
  • Bookstand Theme: Offering an ebook or physical book is one of the fastest ways to grow your “know, like and trust” factor with your audience. Your Platform-in-a-Box includes this specialized theme that makes it simple to get your book into the hands of eager readers directly. {Normally $197}
  • Launch Theme: Video is a powerful tool that’s available to market your products and services. With this Launch Theme, you’ll have a seamless way to deliver a video series to your audience and lead up to a product reveal, major launch, and other initiatives to sell your products or services. {Normally $397}
  • Exit Offer Plugin: If people are visiting your website but leaving before you’ve had the opportunity to collect their names and email addresses, you’ve missed an opportunity to forge a true connection. Your Platform-in-a-Box subscription includes a powerful plug-in that will help you grow your list by reminding visitors to grab your free offer just before they exit your website. {Normally $197}
  • Affiliate Boxes: Perhaps you haven’t yet created your own product or service, but you’ve grown an audience of engaged readers and have regular traffic visiting your website. You’re sitting on a massive opportunity to generate revenue by becoming an affiliate for products and services you love. Affiliate boxes make it easy to add another income stream to your bottom line by equipping you to promote others’ offerings on your own polished platform. {Normally $197}

⋆ WordPress hosting for a single site (standard or multisite) includes 1GB storage and 50 GB monthly bandwidth. Domain must be purchased separately.
⋆⋆ Doesn’t include the migration of content from another host. This can be accomplished either via a third-party plugin—or by a member of the Notable Themes team for a one-time fee.
⋆⋆⋆ Cannot be redistributed, resold, or provided in an end-product wherein a client is charged without a Development License.

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The tools and support inside Platform-in-a-Box are valued at more than $2826 per year. Additionally, the bonuses in this package are easily worth another $2000 or more per year. In other words, this offer is worth nearly $5,000 annually.


But when you purchase this subscription, your investment is just $500!

But How Do I Know If I Need Platform-in-a-Box?

Platform-in-a-Box IS for you if:

✅ You have a message that you feel called to share, and you want to share it on beautifully-designed website!

✅ You’d prefer everything to be in one place rather than having to use and integrate different services for hosting, landing pages, pop-ups and sales pages.

✅ You love the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated support team as you grow your online presence.

✅ You’ve got limited time to spend building out your platform but you’re committed to having a polished and professional presence online.

However, Platform-in-a-Box ISN’T for everyone. It’s NOT for you if:

🚫 You’re content to spend money on a bunch of separate services to grow your email list, publish your content, and launch your product offerings.

🚫 You enjoy doing everything yourself and tinkering to figure it out on your own (no need for on-call technical support as you build a professional-quality platform).

🚫 You aren’t ready to put your knowledge and expertise out into the world in a big way.

🚫 OR You’re unwilling to invest in your own success, and commit to sharing your ideas online.

Yes, I want a professional platform to share my expertise!

Claim Your Platform-in-a-Box

Here’s Your Behind-The-Scenes Peek At Your Platform-in-a-Box

When you join us by claiming your Platform-in-a-Box, you receive immediate access to your exclusive Platform Theme, Landing Theme, Bookstand Theme, Launch Theme, Exit Offer Plugin, and Affiliate Boxes Plugin. You also gain a dedicated support channel where you can get quick and timely responses to any technical questions you may have as you build out your professional-quality platform.

Check out the theme on our live demo site

YES, I want immediate access to Platform-in-a-Box

Plus Receive These Priceless Bonuses

Your support inside Platform-in-a-Box isn’t limited to themes, plug-ins, and hosting. We built this suite to set you up for success. That means when you join us, you’ll also receive these powerful bonuses:

Ongoing Updates For ALL Themes and Plugins In Your Platform-in-a-Box

Technology changes at the speed of light, but you’ll always be on the cutting edge with guaranteed updates for all themes and plugins included in the box for an entire year at no additional charge (and those updates will continue every year after that, as long as you continue to renew).

Comprehensive Knowledge Base

Your Platform-in-a-Box is packed with resources, and we want you to start using them immediately. We’re giving you a resource center of the most common questions, answers, and information about each tool included in your Platform-in-a-Box.

Tactical Training Videos Covering Each and Every Tool

To make sure you are completely equipped to get started right away, we’ve recorded a series of training videos that covers the what, why, and how-to of each and every tool. Zero guesswork needed!

24/7 Priority Technical Support Via Email

We’re giving you a dedicated email channel to connect with our superstar support team quickly, so you never have to go it alone.

Unlimited License Of Tools

You can use the themes and plugins on unlimited sites that you individually own and operate.* No matter how much your platform grows, you’ll always have access to the tools you need.

*Platform-in-a-Box is for individual use only, on websites you personally own and operate.

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Read this before you go . . .

Just in case you’re still on the fence about investing in your Platform-in-a-Box, I’d love to share the reasoning behind the creation of this unique offering.

As the Dean of Platform University, I’ve served literally thousands of students who have powerful messages to share. But I started to notice some of them struggling to reach their ideal audiences and connect with their readers simply due to technical issues.

Seemingly every day, a new software service pops up, purporting to be the next great must-have to make your platform shine. Our students would invest in a pop-up, widget, or plug-in, only to find out that it didn’t integrate properly with their established site. Or they’d forget to update a tool, and a hacker would compromise the security of their content.

In short, our students had a need for centralized, affordable support. So we set out to forge a partnership with Notable Themes, and together we created a one-stop solution for everyone who has a message to build a professional web presence without breaking the bank.

We know that you’ve got something powerful to share. You just need a reliable, affordable way to share it!

Your message matters. Joining us and claiming your Platform-in-a-Box will ensure that the people you’re meant to serve finally get to hear it.



John Meese

Dean of Platform University

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Platform-in-a-Box a one-time fee or an annual fee?

Your Platform-in-a-Box is an annual subscription. When you join, your card will immediately be charged $500. You will be charged $500 again one year after your initial date of subscription, unless you cancel. Your $500 subscription fee covers an entire calendar year of our support suite, including the signature Platform Theme, Landing Theme, Bookstand Theme, Launch Theme, Exit Offer Plugin, Affiliate Boxes Plugin, and critical updates as well as technical support.

Can I use your themes and plugins on client’s sites (or sites being resold)?

No. Platform-in-a-Box is for individual use only, for use on websites you personally own and operate. Notable Themes products cannot be used where they are being resold to third parties of any kind, but if you are interested in reselling websites utilizing Notable Themes products, please contact us about acquiring a Developer license.

Is there a long-term commitment or contract?

No. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time. Upon subscribing, you have access to Platform-in-a-Box for an entire calendar year—but you have 30 days to request a full refund, and may cancel anytime (in which case you won’t be re-billed for a second year).

I’m not tech-savvy, and I’m just beginning. Will Platform-in-a-Box be too complicated for me?

If you’re just beginning with creating your online platform and you’re not tech savvy, Platform-in-a-Box is perfect for you. Having all of your landing pages, opt-ins, and pop-ups seamlessly integrated into your main website will make it 100 times easier to serve your audience. You’ll get your professional-quality platform set up the right way from the get-go. That means if you’re just starting out, you can avoid costly missteps and gain traction immediately.

Do you have a refund policy?

Of course! We want you to feel 100% confident in your purchase of Platform-in-a-Box. That’s why we offer our “No-Brainer Guarantee” for anyone who takes advantage of this special offer. If for any reason (and yes, we mean any reason) you’re unsatisfied with your Platform-in-a-Box subscription, then just send us an email within the first 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll give you back every penny you paid for Platform-in-a-Box. How’s that for bearing the risk? We’ve got it all, and you’ve got zero!

Does this include the theme being used by Michael Hyatt?

While the Platform Theme carries many of the features carried by Michael Hyatt and many other notable platform-builder’s websites—it is not the theme he’s currently using.

What is a “multisite?”

By default, WordPress allows you to install and use one theme. A “multisite,” on the other hand, is a special installation of WordPress that allows you to create unlimited “sites” (all under one domain and one install of WordPress) that can each use its own theme.
With a multisite setup, you can install any number of the included themes—each utilized for a different aspect of your platform-building and marketing.

Do I need a logo?

No! The Platform theme has an area within the customizer where you can upload a logo. However, you do not need a logo to utilize the theme. In fact, for most platforms, it’s best to avoid one entirely and to focus instead on utilizing professional photography.

Do I have to use your hosting?

No! You are welcome to use any website host that supports the latest version of’s self-hosted version of WordPress. Notable Themes products don’t work, however, with’s website service.

What if I have more questions?

We’re here for you! If we missed covering your specific question in these FAQs, we want to make sure you’ve got all the info you need to make an informed decision. Send an email to, and our team will respond in detail as soon as we’re able.

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